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Readers Respond: Write a Tree Haiku

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From the article: Tree Haiku

The haiku is a Japanese form of poetry. It is composed of 3 lines totaling 17 syllables. The form is as follows:

  • First line: 5 syllables
  • Second line: 7 syllables
  • Third line: 5 syllables

Feeling creative? Write a haiku about trees.

Be Creative

A leafless tree

A leafless old tree Hit by the rain, torn by wind Crying in the dark
—Guest Yujin


trees are tall and short looking below at the trees of life trees shades are comfy
—Guest lele

winter tree

Winter tree so brown and blue let your beauty shine
—Guest Guest Taylor


Waves crashing on beach. Hot, summer sand below feet. Summer is amazing!
—Guest Someone

Tree haiku

Blossom tree Tall and powerful Blossoming those brilliant buds In the clear spring days
—Guest Taylor Riffle

Rustling Leaves

Winter rustling leaves, Falling from a lovely tree, Forming nests beneath
—Guest guest 1

Tree Growth

Roots grow so deeply ~ Amazingly tall and strong ~ Branches reach upwards
—Guest Phylameana

An Orchard Field

An orchard field... Where the poor eat food with pits, until they are caught!
—Guest Nathan S


O how i love trees They Are always in a breeze Orange yellow and red
—Guest Tolosa


my beutiful tree how are youthat tree is so cool at night and so warm in the summer
—Guest bob hanes


The rain washes away, The birds start to peck the wood, Then the rain comes back.


my trees are beauty don't let this love go to waste soon they'll die unless
—Guest blha blha

Trees they are

Simple elegance they are Bare and tall they stand Through the cold they live
—Guest =)(=

Simple Tree

Simple elegance. This tree, soothes an aroma. Majestic fragrance
—Guest Tram


A small tree grows here Without water it will die Nurture it with care
—Guest Ahisma

Be Creative

Write a Tree Haiku

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