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Readers Respond: Write a Tree Haiku

Responses: 46


Simple Tree

Simple elegance. This tree, soothes an aroma. Majestic fragrance
—Guest Tram


A small tree grows here Without water it will die Nurture it with care
—Guest Ahisma


Standing tall and long Raw, splendid answers to life Children of nature
—Guest Monkey


I am in a park, looking at the trees of life, wishing it was me.
—Guest alex


Trees are beautiful They are the key to all life Trees are beautiful
—Guest Somone


Sun peeks through trees' gaps Casting a soft golden light On everything
—Guest Isabella Z.


The trees are so tall Losing all leaves in winter trees so beautiful
—Guest Anna


The first leaf of spring, dull and soft yet full of life, a new beginning
—Guest Sandy T.

Autumn leaves

How I love Autumn! A light breeze blows through the trees, rustling their leaves.
—Guest Corina


They sway in the breeze Evergreens always growing Trees at their finest
—Guest truspirit

helpful tree

trees are tall and hard they have many useful things what a helpful tree!
—Guest lance

cheery blossom

(5) cheery blossoms bloom (7) When cheery blossoms bloom they smell beautiful (5) bees love cheery blooms netter
—Guest jacqueline

Oak Tree

Beautiful Oak Tree You give me comfort and hope You make me feel free
—Guest Karina


Trees are my passion. I know it's not the fashion. But they enthral me!
—Guest Treemonkey_

Facing nature

The challenge of life The challenge of growing up A tree's life is tough
—Guest Roger

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Write a Tree Haiku

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