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Readers Respond: Write a Tree Haiku

Responses: 33



Trees are my passion. I know it's not the fashion. But they enthral me!
—Guest Treemonkey_

Facing nature

The challenge of life The challenge of growing up A tree's life is tough
—Guest Roger

Play House

Great majestic tree. Pine needles carpet the floors. Little girls play house.
—Guest gerrid

tall trees

Tinglewood Redwood, standing through time unbroken, caress me weep not
—Guest markm

Spring Tree

The leaves start to grow Everything starts to blossom With many colors
—Guest Callie


You stand tall, alone; In fall color and glory; Sleeping very soon.

Winter Tree

Fine lace overhead whispering songs of silence a snowdrop lightly falls.

a tree?

Was I once a tree Damned if I know, but roots hurt Roots? Are those my roots?
—Guest Kevin C42

Forest Haiku

Forest of green trees, Moss covered forest floor, And to be found, Peace.

Weeping willows

I love the Willows Sweeping the ground so It looks like a dance

Orange Tree in Blossom

Sultry breezes waft/ Scenting the night with perfume/ Of a thousand blooms


Tree in my window At last covered in blossoms Like jewels in leaves

Tree Haiku

blossom brave o brave tree fear not the frost that is coming thrive beyond all expectations grow
—Guest Kim

My Dear Maple Trees

Love the maple trees, Life is good in New England, Sweet and colorful.
—Guest Janice Lavigne

Walnut Tree

Squirrels steal and eat/ Picking nuts before they’re ripe/ Are they ever seeds?

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