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Tree and Shrub Catalogs

How to Request a Catalog That Sells Trees and Shrubs


Why should you order from a catalog instead of just heading over to your local nursery? Selection. Many nurseries are only able to stock a certain number of varieties of trees and shrubs due to the cost of retail space. Tree and shrub catalogs present a whole new world of choices. It's also convenient if you want to just shop from home.

These listings will take you directly to the page where you can request a catalog. These days, some companies have chosen to only have digital catalogs, which will be indicated next to their name. Check out recommendations for the best catalogs in the forum.

1. Adams Country Nursery

Adams County Nursery Online offers trees and supplies that are useful for both the home gardener and commercial orchardist. They have a wide selection of fruit tree varieties, including some that are not as easy to find. When I'm ready to order my Flavor Grenade pluot tree, this is where I will go.

2. Angelgrove Tree Seed Company (Digital)

This website offers over 250 different variety of tree seeds. They also give you at least one free packet of tree seeds with each order. For example, current free choices include Goldenchain tree, Julian hackberry, Washington hawthorn, Eastern redbud, black ash, beautybush, Oyama magnolia, Zumi flowering crab, Pekin lilac and a Japanese wisteria cross.

3. Daley's Fruit Tree Nursery (Australia)

I'm jealous of our friends down under, as Daley's will only send their catalog to Australia. This catalog features a lot of the fruits featured in my Tropical Fruit Gallery.

4. Fedco

Fedco offers several different types of catalogs. In addition to their tree catalog, they offer one for general seeds, one for bulbs, and one called Moose Tubers and Organic Growers Supply

5. F.W. Schumacher Tree & Shrub Seeds

This catalog is meant more for commercial nurseries; seed packets come in 1 oz., 1/4 lb and 1 lb. sizes. Home gardeners can still order a small trial packet for $3, though. They have an impressive selection of tree and shrub seeds.

6. Gurneys

Gurneys sells an assortment of fruit trees, nut trees, shade trees, and shrubs.

7. Henry Field's Seed & Nursery

Henry Field's Seed & Nursery sells trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs, and seeds.

8. High Country Gardens

Per their website: "High Country Gardens specializes in waterwise ("xeric") perennials and other plants that need very little or no extra water once established. "

9. Jackson & Perkins

Per their website: "There is no better time to plant the garden than in spring, and in this catalog you will find everything you need for enduring, majestic color and superior garden performance. The roses and perennials we have selected are renowned not only for their great beauty but for their long life and ease of care, so simple that even a novice gardener will find success with them."

10. Logee's

Per their website: "Since 1892, the Logee-Martin family has been growing and selling over a thousand varieties of tropical container plants for home and garden. We are the exclusive source of many varieties, both heirloom and new introductions. Cross the threshold of our greenhouses and prepare to enter into another world."
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