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While taking care of trees in your garden is not difficult, there are trips and tricks that you should know to help them have optimal growth. Watch these tree videos and find out the best ways to grow trees in your landscape.

1. 6 Ways to Recycle a Christmas Tree

If you choose a cut Christmas tree, there are other options available besides simply tossing it out. Use one of these six environmentally-friendly options to avoid adding to your local landfill.

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2. Best Flowering Trees

Many people desire to plant trees that provide a floral display each year. In this video, certified arborist Michael Landers shares some of his favorite choices for flowering trees to plant in your yard.

3. Best Fruit Trees

I love fruit trees. They are covered with blossoms each spring, adding beauty and color. As a bonus, you get luscious edible fruits. Here certified arborist Michael Landers gives you some ideas of the best fruit trees to plant.

4. Best Landscape Trees

When you go visit a nursery, you may be overwhelmed by all of the choices available and not know which ones would work well in your landscape. Use this video by certified arborist Michael Landers to learn about some of the best landscape trees.

5. Best Trees for Fall Foliage

I love seeing the colors change around my town and the surrounding mountains each fall. If you would like to have leaves transform in your garden, pick one of the trees suggested in this video by certified arborist Michael Landers.

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6. Best Weeping Trees

I love the graceful flowing look of weeping trees. They can serve as a beautiful focal point for your garden. See some of the best weeping trees in this video from certified arborist Michael Landers.

7. Christmas Tree Tips

In this humorous video, Jonathon Stewart offers ideas on how to choose the right Christmas tree for your situation. For example, you need to make sure the tree you pick is the right size lest you bring it home and find it overwhelms your house.

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8. How to Brace a Tree

When you first plant a tree in your garden, it may be a good idea to brace it to help it stay upright and safe from windstorms as the roots develop and anchor the plant. In this video, certified arborist Michael Landers shows you how to brace your tree properly.

9. How to Choose a Tree

If you want to give your garden the best possible chance of thriving, choose each of the plants carefully. Certified arborist Michael Landers gives you some ideas of the facts you need to know about your landscape and potential tree choices in this video.

10. How to Graft a Tree

One way to propagate trees is through grafting. You can take a branch, bud or root from one specific tree and graft it onto a related tree. This is a good way to create new trees of a certain variety and preserve the characteristics that can be lost through planting seeds. The technique can also be used on injured trees. Fred Padula shows you the basic steps used if you want to graft a tree.

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