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You can watch these videos and learn how to properly choose and care for the shrubs in your garden space.

1. Best Flowering Shrubs

One of the easiest ways to add color to your garden is to plant a flowering shrub. In this video, certified arborist Michael Landers gives you several suggestions of the best flowering shrubs to choose.

2. Best Shrubs for Fall Color

For many plants, blooming has stopped by fall and the leaves stop dropping. The show does not have to be over in your yard, however. Horticulturist Geri Laufer gives some examples of the best shrubs to add fall color to your garden.

3. Best Shrubs for Privacy

You may want to create a fence around your property or simply create a boundary around a certain area to create an outdoor room. You don't have to use an actual fence, however. Certified arborist Michael Landers details some of the shrubs that can be used to create privacy barriers in the garden.

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4. Best Shrubs for Winter

You do not have to have a boring desolate garden in the winter. Horticulturist Geri Laufer talks about evergreens and other shrubs that can add a zip of color to your yard.

5. Choosing a Good Nursery

Not all nurseries take proper care of their plants. Learn some of the signs that you can look for to know that you are getting a quality plant in good condition.

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6. Choose Trees and Shrubs for Your Yard

This is the video version of my article on choosing trees and shrubs.

7. How to Choose a Shrub

It is best if you research your options for shrubs before you buy them. You can make sure that the species you choose will tolerate the growing conditions in your yard and be the right size. Certified arborist Michael Landers give you hints on how to choose a shrub.

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8. How to Identify a Diseased Shrub

It is very important to watch your shrubs carefully so you can catch diseases as soon as possible. This can help you cure or curb the disease and assess whether you need to remove the shrub lest the problem spread to other plants. Certified arborist Michael Landers shows you how to check over your shrubs.

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9. How to Prep Shrubs for Winter

In many areas, winter brings harsh conditions like low temperatures, snow and ice. Many shrubs go dormant as a way to survive through the winter. In this video, landscape architect Eric King describes the steps you can take to help your shrubs withstand their long sleep.

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