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There are so many reasons why your tree or shrub may be in poor health. From beetles to over-watering, here you will find the common causes of poor tree and shrub health. Included are descriptions of possible causes, along with pictures of the damaged plant and the cause. Find out when you need to call an arborist for help.

Preventing Tree Disasters and Spring Maintenance for Your Yard
Learn about tree disasters and spring maintenance.

What Is the Rhizosphere?
The rhizosphere is essential for a tree's health.

What Is a Girdling Root?
Girdling roots can kill trees. Find out why here.

What Is a Witches'-broom?
If you hear the word witches'-broom in connection with trees, they aren't talking about the materials that a broom can be made from. Learn what a witches'-broom is in the horticultural sense.

What Does It Mean if a Tree Bleeds Sap?
Should you worry if your tree is bleeding sap? Learn which trees tend to bleed sap and if you need to do anything about it.

Why Do Trees Fall After Floods?
After heavy rainstorms and floods, reports of fallen trees may start pouring in. Why does this happen?

Signs of a Healthy Tree
Even with the best of care, you can still wonder if your tree is truly healthy. Here are some signs you can look for to see if your tree is in good condition.

Signs of a Healthy Shrub
Make sure your shrubs will live a long life by checking out these signs of a healthy shrub.

Tree Wellness Quiz
Take this quiz to see if you know how to raise a healthy tree. It was prepared by Steve Nix, the Forestry Guide.

Identifying Plant Nutrient Deficiencies
If your tree or shrub is in poor health, it may be a nutrient deficiency. Marie Iannotti explains some of the symptoms you may observe.

Common Non-infectious Tree Diseases
Not all diseases come from insects and microorganisms. Steve Nix describes some of the common non-infectious tree diseases you may see.

International Society of Arboriculture - Arborists
Do you need to hire an arborist? Go to the International Society of Arboriculture's consumer website to find listings and tips for hiring.

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