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Jeremy Telford, the "Balloon Guy," makes his own balloon Christmas trees every year.

It's environmentally friendly since he uses latex balloons. Latex is a natural product that comes from trees and degrades completely. Most commercial latex is now made from the Para rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis.

He told me more about the project:

"The tree used about 80 balloons and took a couple of hours to build. It stands about 6' tall though we have a table under it and are hanging it from the ceiling so it looks more like 8' tall. The tree will slowly shrink by a an inch or so a day, but I can (and will) add more to the bottom of it as it shrinks.

"We have been making balloon Christmas trees almost every year since 2003 (except when we go visit family for the holidays). 2003 is also the year my wife and I started balloon twisting.

For Orem, Utah's library reading program I built a 5' deciduous tree for their 'Go Green' theme."

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Jeremy Telford works on a star for his balloon Christmas TreeBuilding a StarJeremy Telford starts weaving the base for his balloon Christmas treeWeaving the Tree BaseJeremy Telford builds the middle of his balloon Christmas treeBuilding the Middle of the TreeThe balloon Christmas tree awaits its decorationsTree Ready to Decorate
Jeremy Telford places "lights" on a balloon Christmas treeStringing the LightsJeremy Telford puts ornaments on a balloon Christmas treePutting on OrnamentsThe finished balloon Christmas tree by Jeremy TelfordThe Finished Tree
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