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Topiary, Bonsai & Other Arts

Are you interested in creating art using trees and shrubs? Topiary is the practice of shaping and forming trees and shrubs into shapes. Bonsai is the art of specially training trees and shrubs so they stay in miniature sizes. Learn methods for these and other arts in this section.

6 Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Tree
Use this list to find a way to recycle your Christmas tree each year.

What Is an Allée?
An allee is a style of walkway used in parks and gardens.

What Is Pleaching?
Pleaching is the art of encouraging the branches of several trees to join together to form a screen.

Great Choices for Living Christmas Trees
These 12 choices will help you pick the right living Christmas tree for your house.

Christmas Trees: Cut, Artificial or Living?
There's a dilemma that people face when they go to buy a Christmas tree. Which is best - cut, artificial or living? Learn some of the pros and cons of each kind, as well as how to choose them.

What Plants Do You Associate With Christmas?
Share which plants remind you of the Christmas season.

Share Pictures of Spooky Trees and Haunted Trees for Halloween
Have you come across a spooky tree? Share it for Halloween!See submissions

Chanukah Bushes - Are Chanukah Bushes Delightful or Needless?
What's your opinion on the tradition of Chanukah bushes?

What Is a Chanukah Bush?
Learn more about the controversial tradition of Chanukah bushes.

Balloon Christmas Tree
Jeremy Telford, the "Balloon Guy," makes his own balloon Christmas trees every year. They're non-toxic and biodegradable, since the balloons are made from tree sap.

Show Off Your Living Christmas Trees
If you're using a living Christmas tree, show us how it's done! Share your story and picture below.

Plants vs. Zombies Screenshot Walkthrough
Plants vs Zombies is an addicting game where you have to choose certain plants to battle zombies that are trying to eat your brains.

Tree Haiku - Write a Tree Haiku
Feeling creative? Write a haiku about trees.

Tree Haiku
The haiku is a Japanese form of poetry. Here is your chance to be creative and write a haiku about trees.

10 Gifts For the Bonsai Enthusiast
Know someone who loves to practice the art of bonsai? Here are ten suggestions of gifts they are sure to enjoy.

Make Glitter Pine Cone Ornaments
You can make simple glitter pine cone ornaments for your Christmas tree. This is a great pine cone craft to do with children.

Make Pine Cone Bird Feeders
These bird feeders are a fun craft for kids.

Make Scented Pine Cones With Glue and Spices
Scented pine cones can be an easy and fun craft to do with your children, especially if you use glue and spices.

Make Scented Pine Cones With Essential Oils
One way to make scented pine cones is by using essential oils. Instructions are included here.

Where can I buy special bonsai tree seeds?
Bonsai trees are unusually small. Do you need to buy special seeds to start a bonsai tree?

Planting Seeds for Bonsai Trees
An About.com video that shows you how to properly plant your seeds for bonsai trees.

Care of Bonsai Trees
in this article, our Landscaping Guide, David Beaulieu, presents the basic creation and care of bonsai trees.

Video - How to Prune Topiary
Topiary is the art of pruning trees into all kinds of shapes and sizes. Watch this About.com video that introduces the basics of working with topiaries.

Trimming Hedges
Hedges are a great way to divide garden spaces and provide privacy. In this picture tutorial, About.com's Guide to Landscaping, David Beaulieu, demonstrates the proper way to trim hedges.

Arborsmith Studios
Richard Reames practices the art of "arboriculture" - shaping the trunks and branches of trees.

Christmas Plants Photo Gallery
There are many plants associated with the Christmas season. How many can you think of? Take a peek at this Christmas plant gallery to see how...

Easy Pinecone Crafts

Use pinecones to create these easy crafts for your home. The crafts featured are kid-friendly.

Easy Pinecone Crafts

Use pinecones to create these easy crafts for your home. The crafts featured are kid-friendly.

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