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Care & Maintenance

Since trees and shrubs are living, it is important to give them the proper care and maintenance. Learn how to test and amend your soil. See ways to irrigate, make your own watering systems, and conserve water. Compare chemical and organic fertilizers and add as necessary.

Start Your Own Compost
Compost is one of the easiest (and cheapest!) ways to amend your soil. Simply put, compost is organic matter decayed by the sun and soil microorganisms. This material can be used to improve soil structure, add nutrients, promote healthy soil microorganisms, assist in soil temperature regulation, and improve soil pH.

How to Set Up Your Own Watering System
One of the essential keys to tree and shrub health is ensuring they get the water they need. You can make it easier for yourself if you install a watering system in your yard.

How Can I Make My Soil More Acidic?
Sometimes your soil is not acidic enough. Learn how to change that here.

Watering Trees in Autumn
There's a chill creeping into the air. The leaves are changing colors. Winter is just around the corner. Now is the time to think about properly watering your trees in autumn to help ensure against damage in the winter.

Installing a Drip Irrigation System
Would you like to install drip irrigation for your trees and shrubs? Use these instructions from our Landscaping Guide to set up your system today.

Make Your Own Fertilizer
Erin Huffstetler, the Frugal Living Guide, gives recipes for making your own fertilizer.

Basics on Tree Fertilization
Steve Nix, About.com's Guide to Forestry, presents the essential guidelines for fertilizing your trees.

Drought Resistant Tree Care
Steve Nix, About.com's Guide to Forestry, gives watering tips to use in times of drought. Learn how to give your trees and shrubs a better chance of survival.

Learn the Principles of Xeriscape Gardening
Xeriscaping is the art of designing a garden with water efficiency in mind. Don't worry...it doesn't mean just rocks and cacti, though you are welcome to include them if you like. Marie Iannotti discusses the seven principles of xeriscape gardening.

Calculating How Much Amendments or Mulch You Needs
Would you like to add amendments or mulch to the soil for your trees and shrubs, but don't know how much you should buy? Our Gardening Guide, Marie Iannotti, shows you how to calculate how much you will need.

The Dirt on Soil
A fabulous article from Marie Iannotti that explains what you need to know about your soil.

Garden Help - Reading a Garden Fertilizer Label
Are you trying to make sense of the numbers on the fertilizer bags? About.com's Guide to Gardening, Marie Iannotti, explains just what they mean and what you should be looking for in a fertilizer.

Find Your Local Extension Service Office
The Cooperative Extension Service is a wonderful resource for gardeners. They are able to perform detailed soil testing for a reasonable fee. Use this link to locate your nearest office.

Four Easy Do-It-Yourself Soil Tests
Colleen Vanderlinden, About.com's Guide to Organic Gardening, explains four simple tests you can perform on your soil to assess soil composition, drainage, biological activity, and soil acidity.

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