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Top Ten New Roses of the 2000s


Roses are a favorite plant for many gardeners. Every year, many new varieties are introduced by breeders hoping to find the newest darlings. I consider the following to be the top 10 new rose varieties that debuted during the 2000s. Selections were made by choosing my favorite each year from the AARS (All-American Rose Selection) winner's list.

2000 - Knock Out Rose

The Knock Out Rose was an AARS winner in 2000.
Image by Ryan Somma via Flickr

If you've thought roses are too fussy, you haven't grown a Knock Out rose yet. They enjoy a high resistance to diseases. They bloom profusely. They don't even really need any deadheading. Knock Out roses can handle both drought and humidity. What's not to love?

  • Hybridizer: William Radler
  • Introducer: Conard-Pyle

2001 - Marmalade Skies Rose

The Marmalade Skies rose won the AARS award for 2001.
Photo Courtesy of Bailey Nurseries

Perhaps it's the name alone that makes me smile - I love the Beatles. Marmalade Skies can brighten the yard with its beautiful orange Floribunda roses. It can fit easily into many spaces, since it only grows to a mature height and width of 3 feet.

  • Hybridizer: Selection Meilland
  • Introducer: Conard-Pyle
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2002 - Love & Peace Rose

The Love and Peace rose was developed by Bailey Nurseries.
Image by *clairity* vis Flickr

I won't deny that I am biased in favor of the Love & Peace rose. I spent my summer internship in 2002 at Bailey Nurseries, the nursery that had recently introduced this rose. I loved the time I spent in the rose breeding section. With the Love & Peace rose, (a descendant of the renowned Peace rose) you get huge yellow/pink blooms that are fragrant.

  • Hybridizer: Ping Lim & Jerry Twomey
  • Introducer: Bailey Nurseries
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2003 - Cherry Parfait Rose

The Cherry Parfait Rose was a 2003 AARS winner.
Image by mscaprikell via Flickr

Overall, red & white bi-color roses are my favorite. Cherry Parfait is a stunning example of a bi-color Grandiflora that will add a splash of color to the garden.

  • Hybridizer: Meilland International
  • Introducer: Conard-Pyle
  • Buy Direct

2004 - Honey Perfume Rose

Honey Perfume Rose won the 2004 AARS award.
Image by Drew Avery via Flickr

I would often use my mother's rose scented perfume when I was growing up. I'm fond of any rose that will perfume the garden. Honey Perfume is a natural choice as my favorite new rose of 2004.

  • Hybridizer: Keith Zary
  • Introducer: Jackson & Perkins Wholesale Inc.

2005 - DayDream Rose

DayDream Rose won the AARS Landscape Rose award in 2005.
Image by Ryan Somma

I had already chosen the DayDream rose as my favorite due to its short (2') habit and pretty pink blossoms. It was a happy surprise to discover that this was also introduced by Bailey Nurseries.

  • Hybridizer: Ping Lim
  • Introducer: Bailey Nurseries
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2006 - Julia Child Rose

The Julia Child rose was selected as a winner in 2006.
Image by Drew Avery via Flickr

Julia Child was consulted in the selection of this rose during breeding. The AARS describes this Floribunda as having "a sweet licorice perfume that exudes from each fully-petaled flower".

  • Hybridizer: Tom Carruth
  • Introducer: Weeks Roses
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2007 - Moondance Rose

The Moondance rose won the AARS award in 2007.
Image Courtesy of Bailey Nurseries

The Moondance Floribunda rose features pure white blooms that fill the air with a scent , as Jackson and Perkins notes, like raspberries.

  • Hybridizer: Keith Zary
  • Introducer: Jackson & Perkins

2008 - Dream Come True Rose

The Dream Come True rose was an AARS winner in 2008
Photo Courtesy of Bailey Nurseries

I imagine it was a "Dream Come True" for Dr. Pottschmidt, the man who hybridized the tea rose by that name. He is one of only three amateur rose breeders to win an AARS award in the past 67 years. It's a gorgeous yellow & red rose with a delightful tea rose scent.

  • Hybridizer: Dr. John Pottschmidt
  • Introducer: Weeks Roses

2009 - Carefree Spirit Rose

Carefree Spirit rose won an AARS award in 2009.
Photo Courtesy of Bailey Nurseries

This is another choice for those who are especially desiring a low maintenance rose. The Carefree Spirit rose was chosen by the AARS after they did a test where they didn't use fungicide on any of the shrub rose candidates. Carefree Spirit was the rose that came out unscathed. Add this red beauty to any garden in the country.

  • Hybridizer: Meilland International
  • Introducer: Conard-Pyle
  • Buy Direct
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