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Native Irish Trees and Shrubs

Resources to Learn about the Trees and Shrubs of Ireland


Ireland is a magical place, and it's not just because of the leprechauns and four-leaf clovers. There are many delightful trees and shrubs that are Irish natives. These websites will teach you more about the flora of Ireland.

1. Irish Seed Savers

This association is working to preserve traditional Irish fruits and vegetables. They also have a section about local apple tree varieties.

2. Local Project

Watch clips on Youtube from the film The Local Project, which documents an Irish tree planting project sponsored by the Irish Forest Service.

3. Native Trees and Shrubs of Ireland

Crann is the Irish word for tree, and the name of this website. They are devoted to preserving the Irish woodlands and replanting trees. You can learn the Irish name as well as Latin and common for the native trees and shrubs of Ireland.

4. Our Native Trees

Learn about the history of trees in Ireland. This site shows what the Ogham alphabet looks like. This was a form of the tree alphabet, and only had twenty letters.

5. Pro Silva Ireland

Includes links to many tree organizations around Europe. As the website declares, "Pro Silva Ireland recognises and values the unique history of Irish forestry and its past, current and potential contribution at local, regional and national levels."

6. Tree Council of Ireland

As the website explains, "The Tree Council of Ireland is a voluntary non-governmental organisation which was formed in 1985, to promote the planting, care and conservation of trees in both urban and rural areas."

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