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Not every tree and shrub will work in your area. Consider your yard carefully as you choose the correct trees and shrubs for your needs. Discover how to tell if your nursery sells high quality plants.Pick trees and shrubs based on certain characteristics and requirements.
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Alder Trees and Shrubs
If you have moist or wet soil, try an alder tree or shrub.

12 Shrubs That Attract Butterflies as a Caterpillar Food Source
The leaves on these 12 shrubs are eaten by caterpillars.

12 Trees for Full Shade
If you have a full shade spot in your garden, one of these 12 trees may be just the ticket.

10 Trees for Zone 10
Grow these trees in Zone 10

10 Trees for Zone 3
These trees can grow in Zone 3.

12 Trees That Attract Butterflies as a Caterpillar Food Source
The leaves on these trees are good for caterpillars to eat.

Grow Your Own Spices
These trees, shrubs and lianas produce parts that can be used as spices.

31 Acacia Trees and Shrubs
Learn more about the acacia trees, which are also known as wattles.

Holly Trees and Shrubs
Holly plants add color throughout all four seasons.

Magnolia Trees and Shrubs
These 12 trees and shrubs are in the Magnolia genus

Invasive Trees
These 20 trees can be problematic for your garden.

Invasive Shrubs
You probably should not plant any of these 20 invasive shrubs.

Meet Some of the Invasive Vines
These 12 species of lianas can be invasive.

Weeping Trees
Learn about 18 weeping trees.

20 Drought Tolerant Shrubs
See pictures of 20 shrubs that tolerate drought.

20 Drought Tolerant Trees
These 20 trees will survive in drought.

Walnut Tree Species
11 species of walnut trees.

12 Trees for Zone 6
Plant one of these trees in your Zone 6 garden.

10 Shrubs for Zone 10
Any of these 10 shrubs will grow in Zone 10.

Shrubs for Part Shade and Full Shade Areas
Choose these shrubs for your spot with part shade to full shade.

Dogwood Trees, Shrubs and Subshrubs
Meet 12 species of dogwood trees, shrubs and subshrubs

Linden Trees
I love the heart-shaped leaves on linden trees.

Jasmine Shrubs and Vines
These shrubs and vines are renowned for their scent.

Elm Trees
20 species of elm trees are outlined in this article.

Sumac Trees and Shrubs
Sumac trees and shrubs belong to the Rhus genus.

12 Species of Viburnum Shrubs
Viburnums are handsome shrubs and small trees that produce lovely flowers. Learn more about 12 of these species.

12 Species of Willow Trees and Shrubs
Willow trees and shrubs belong to the Salix genus. These plants love moist soil. Meet 12 species of willow trees and shrubs.

12 Species of Fir Trees
Many Christmas trees are chosen from the fir tree genus, Abies. Here are 12 species, complete with pictures.

Prunus Trees and Shrubs
The Prunus genus includes many familiar trees and shrubs like flowering cherries, apricots, almonds and peaches. There are 19 kinds featured with pictures.

12 Species of Maple Trees
Maple trees are included in the genus Acer.

12 Species of Gum Trees
Learn more about gum trees, which may also be called eucalyptus.

9 Species of Fig Trees
Learn about some of the fig trees you may find around the world.

12 Species of Juniper Trees and Shrubs
Learn about 12 species of juniper trees and shrubs from around the world.

12 Species of Spruce Trees and Shrubs
Learn about 12 species of spruce trees and shrubs.

12 Species of Ash Trees
Ash trees (Fraxinus spp.) can be used as shade, lawn and street trees. They feature opposite branching and compound leaves.

Types of Palm Trees
Though palm trees are typically thought of as tropical plants, there are some for the cooler zones too. Check out the different types of palm trees in this photo gallery.

What Are Good Nurseries in California - Recommendations for Californi…
Have a favorite California nursery? Be sure to recommend it here to help your fellow gardeners out!

What Are Good Nurseries in Arkansas - Recommendations for Ark…
Have a favorite Arkansas nursery? Be sure to recommend it here to help your fellow gardeners out!

What Are Good Nurseries in Arizona - Recommendations for Ariz…
Have a favorite Arizona nursery? Be sure to recommend it here to help your fellow gardeners out!

What Are Good Nurseries in New Mexico - Recommendations for New Mexic…
Have a favorite New Mexico nursery? Be sure to recommend it here to help your fellow gardeners out!

State Trees Photo Gallery
A photo gallery with each of the state trees of the United States.

State Flowers Photo Gallery
A photo gallery with each of the state flowers of the United States.

Top 10 New Roses of the 2000s
I consider the following to be the top 10 new rose varieties that debuted during the 2000s. Selections were made by choosing my favorite each year from the AARS (All-American Rose Selection) winner's list.

Types of Oak Trees
Oak trees fall under the genus Quercus and belong to the Fagaceae (beech) family.

Shrubs For Water Conservation
As drought hits areas and forces water conservation to become a reality, many people look for ways to use less water in their gardens. One way is to choose shrubs that are drought tolerant.

Pine Trees
40 different pine tree species are featured here.

Hardiness Zone 1 Trees and Shrubs
Not many plants will grow in USDA hardiness zone 1. The average minimum temperature in this zone is -50F and below. These are some of the few trees and shrubs that will grow in these areas.

Tree and Shrub Selection Guide
Whether you're starting out with a empty yard or just looking to add new plants, picking the right trees and shrubs can seem like a daunting task. It doesn't have to be, though. Use these guides to select the best trees and shrubs to plant in your garden.

Ten Trees That Attract Hummingbirds
Hummingbirds are highly prized visitors in the garden. These inquisitive little birds zip around from flower to flower in search of nectar. Use these ten trees to help attract hummingbirds to your yard.

Birch Trees and Shrubs
Birch trees belong to the genus Betula. Their bark and leaves make them a common choice for the landscape. This list features 12 birch trees.

Native Irish Trees and Shrubs
Ireland is a magical place, and it's not just because of the leprechauns and four-leaf clovers. There are many delightful trees and shrubs that are Irish natives. These websites will teach you more about the flora of Ireland.

Grow Your Own Aphrodisiacs
These are trees and shrubs to put you in the mood.

Hardy Banana Trees
Hardy banana trees can handle cooler temperatures.

Christmas Tree Choices
From Noble firs to Scotch pines, there are many choices available in real Christmas trees. Each species offers a different shape, needle longevity, and branch strength. Make sure you are getting the right tree for your situation with this photo gallery of common Christmas trees.

Before You Plant - What Trees/Shrubs Should You Choose?
Trees and shrubs can evoke many memories and emotions. Whether you remember the joy of picking nectarines, the heady aroma of blooming lilacs, or a swing in a majestic oak, trees and shrubs affect us all. With careful consideration, you can choose the right ones for your location and avoid frustrations and financial losses.

Choosing a Good Nursery
Tips on what to look for when choosing a nursery.

A Guide to Picking Healthy Trees
Steve Nix, the Forestry Guide, provides an excellent picture guide to choosing healthy trees while shopping at the nursery.

Top Choices for Spring Flowering Trees and Shrubs
You can design your garden so that there is color and interest in every season. David Beaulieu, the Landscaping Guide, gives his top 10 spring flowering trees and shrubs.

Top Evergreens for Privacy Hedges
Sometimes you just want a little more privacy in your garden. Marie Iannotti presents her top ten list of evergreens for privacy hedges.

Trees and Shrubs With Purple Leaves
These trees and shrubs all feature purple foliage.

11 Trees That Attract Butterflies: Nectar as Butterfly Food
Adult butterflies eat from the flowers of these trees.

12 Shrubs That Attract Butterflies: Nectar as Butterfly Food
These shrubs offer a meal to visiting butterflies.

Serviceberry Trees and Shrubs
Serviceberries are trees and shrubs found in the Rosaceae family.

Deciduous and Evergreen Trees for Your Yard or Porch
Here are 9 great choices for yard trees.

Lilac Trees and Shrubs
Lilac trees and shrubs are well known for their fragrant flower clusters.

10 Trees for Small Spaces
These trees are all under 25' tall and wide and suitable for many garden spaces.

12 Trees and Shrubs With White Flowers
Here are 12 trees and shrubs with white blossoms to brighten up your landscape in spring.

12 North American Native Trees You Should Grow
These 12 trees are all native to North America.

12 North American Native Shrubs You Should Grow
These 12 shrubs hail from North America.

12 Terrific Trees You Need to Plant Now
These 12 tree species need to be planted more in the landscape.

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