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Here you will learn the ways used to produce new trees and shrubs. Methods include seeds, cuttings, air layering, and more.

Can You Grow Apples From Seeds?
Can you grow apples from seeds? The short answer is yes. The more important question is whether you would want to grow apples from seeds.

Start an Oak Tree From an Acorn
Acorns, rather than cuttings, are the preferred method for starting an oak tree since it has a long taproot. Steve Nix, the Forestry Guide, details the proper ways to get your new oak tree started.

Tree Seed Propagation
Learn the basics of starting trees from seed with this article from Steve Nix, the Forestry Guide.

How to Take Cuttings
Seeds aren't the only way to get new trees and shrubs. You can cut off pieces (called cuttings) and create new plants. Learn how with this photo guide from Marie Iannotti, the Gardening Guide.

Seed & Plant Exchanges
Seed Exchanges are a great way to try new varieties in your garden. Marie Iannotti, the Gardening Guide, has found many great seed exchanges from around the world

Seedling Harvest Process
See how seedlings are harvested at nurseries with this picture guide from Steve Nix, the Forestry Guide.

How Do Tree and Shrub Seeds Reach New Places?
Find out some of the ways that tree and shrub seeds are dispersed.

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