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Your trees and shrubs need proper planting to ensure they get a good start in life. Find tips for planting specimens that are ball and burlap, bare root, or in containers. Make sure there won't be any drainage problems for your trees and shrubs.

Planting Bare Root Tree Seedlings
Use these steps to correctly plant your bare root tree seedlings.

The Ten Commandments for Tree Seedling Survival
If you decide to plant tree seedlings, follow the tips in this article from Steve Nix, the Forestry Guide.

Transplanting Trees and Shrubs
David Beaulieu discusses the steps necessary to transplant trees and shrubs.

Video--Planting Trees
Need to see how to plant your new trees? Watch this video from About.com for tips on how to properly plant them in your yard.

Video--Planting Shrubs
This video demonstrates how new shrubs should be planted.

The Difference Between Bare Root, Ball & Burlap, and Containers.
This article explains the advantages of buying trees as bare root, ball & burlap, or in containers.

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