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Fruits & Nuts Growing Guide


Growing your own fruits and nuts can be very satisfying. You eat healthier (they're delicious too!) and have the benefit of knowing exactly how it was produced. Use these growing profiles and tips to get started on your own home orchard.
  1. Fruit & Nut Trees
  2. Fruit & Nut Shrubs
  3. Care & Maintenance
  1. Harvesting
  2. Photo Galleries
  3. Fruit Trivia

Fruit & Nut Trees

Black walnuts on the tree

Most yards have room for at least one dwarf fruit or nut tree. Use these profiles to learn about the growing requirements for your favorite fruits or nuts.

Fruit & Nut Shrubs

Pomegranates on the shrub

Some of the tastiest fruits and nuts come on shrubs that can fit in even small spaces. These profiles will help you choose the best kinds for your garden.

Care & Maintenance

Corona 10

Some care & maintenance is needed to ensure the best chances of success for your fruit & nut trees & shrubs.


Harvesting fruits and nuts

Make sure you don't miss the best part of growing your own fruits and nuts - harvesting!

Photo Galleries

Cashew nuts are related to poison ivy, as well as mangoes and pistachios.

Explore the world of fruits and nuts through pictures. You may discover ones that you've never heard of, or finally see how familiar favorites really grow.

Fruit Trivia

Can you name the world's largest seed? Do you know if you can grow apples from seeds?

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