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Rose Apple

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This rose apple comes from Malaysia

This rose apple is also called Malay apple, mountain apple and jambu

Photo © Flickr user Stryker W@SP
Latin Name: Syzygium malaccense.. The name "Rose apple" may refer to any number of Syzygium fruits

Other Names: Jambu, Malay apple, Mountain apple, and many more. Varies by species.

Type: Tree

Native to: Malaysia

Fruit: The 2-4" fruits are red and bell-shaped. The flesh inside is white. There may be 1-2 seeds, or it may be seedless, depending on variety.

Size: The rose apple tree can grow over 60' tall.

Hardiness: Zone 11

Propagation: Seeds, cuttings

Uses: Rose apples are eaten fresh or used in wines.
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