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Passion Fruit grows on vines

Passion Fruit - the lilikoi variety

Photo © Flickr user The County Clerk
Latin Name: Passiflora edulis Passiflora edulis 'flavicarpa' (lilikoi)

Other Names: lilikoi, granadilla, purple granadilla, yellow passion fruit
Type: Vine

Native to: South America

Fruit: The fruit is 1.5-3" long with a tough purple or yellow skin, and bright orange pulp. The yellow variety (Passiflora edulis 'flavicarpa') is called lilikoi. The lilikoi is larger and tarter.

Size: The vines can grow 15-20' a year (average life: 5-7 years) and should be supported with a fence or trellis.

Hardiness: Zones 8-10

Propagation: Seeds, which can take weeks-months to germinate.

Uses: The fruit can be eaten fresh or used in a variety of drinks and desserts.
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