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Mysore Raspberry

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The Mysore raspberry comes from Myanmar and India.

The Mysore raspberry grows well in tropical regions.

Photo Courtesy of Forest & Kim Starr (USGS)
Latin Name: Rubus neveus

Type: Shrub / Bramble

Native to: India and Myanmar

Fruit: The .5-.75" dark purple fruits are a type of fruit called aggregate drupes. In the botanical world, all raspberries and blackberries are not true berries.

Size: The Mysore raspberry grows 8-15', taller than the common raspberry.

Hardiness: A full-grown shrub can survive temperatures as low as 20F or even a bit lower. This is a tropical raspberry that is able to grow in higher heats than the common raspberry.

Propagation: Seeds (can take some time to germinate), cuttings

Uses: The Mysore raspberry can be eaten fresh and be used in many desserts.
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