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Miracle Fruit

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Miracle fruit comes from West Africa.

Miracle fruit parties are a fun way to enjoy this fruit.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia user Speck-Made
Latin Name: Synsepalum dulcificum

Other Names: Miracle berry

Type: Shrub / Small Tree

Native to: West Africa

Fruit: The 1" red berry has no taste. It is eaten for its effect on the taste buds.

Size: The miracle fruit can grow to 15' tall.

Hardiness: Zone 10-11

Propagation: Fresh seeds


The miracle fruit is in high demand because of a curious property it possesses. When it is eaten, the taste buds are changed. Sour and bitter fruits can be eaten and they will taste sweet. The effect lasts anywhere from 30 min-2 hrs or more.

In Japan, the miracle fruit is made into tablets that can be eaten with sour or bitter foods. They say it is a way that diabetics can have sweet foods without the sugar.

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