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The grosella fruits are usually sour.

Grosella will turn bright red when cooked.

Photo © Flickr user Tatters :)
Latin Name: Phyllanthus acidus

Other Names: Otaheite gooseberry, amlak, gooseberry tree, Malay gooseberry, cermai

Type: Shrub / Tree

Native to: Madagascar

Fruit: Each .75" fruit is green and round. They are drupes, having one seed (pit).

Size: It can grow 5-30' tall.

Hardiness: Zones 10-11. It can handle some light frost with protection.

Propagation: Seeds, budding, cuttings, air-layering

Uses: The grosella fruits are generally too sour to eat, but can be cooked for use in drinks, sauces and jellies. It will turn bright red when cooked.
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