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Fig tree full of fruit

The fig tree is one of the oldest cultivated fruit trees - over 5000 years.

Photo © Flickr user david.nikonvscanon
  • Learn more about the fig tree genus - Ficus.
Latin Name: Ficus carica

Other Names: Higo, figue, feige, fico

Type: Tree

Native to: Western Asia

Fruit: The fig is a type of fruit called a synconium. The thick skin can range from green, to brown, to purple. The pulp inside has the texture of jelly.

The fig is distantly related to breadfruit, jackfruit and marang.

Size: 10-30' tall, sometimes up to 50' tall

Hardiness:Zones 8-10. There are varieties that can be grown as low as Zone 5.

Propagation: Cuttings

Uses: Figs can be eaten fresh, dried, and used in desserts.
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