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Citrus is a good source of vitamin C and other nutrients

Citrus comes in many colors, shapes and sizes

Photo © USDA ARS Scott Bauer

Latin Name: Citrus spp.. Kumquat, which is very closely related, has been given the genus Fortunella spp.

Type: Shrub / Tree

Native to: Tropical and subtropical throughout the world

Fruit: The citrus fruits come in all sizes and shapes. There are about 14 common types of citrus found in U.S. stores.

Size: Citrus can grow on large shrubs or trees. The size will vary by species.

Hardiness: Many kinds of citrus can grow in Zones 9-11

Propagation: Seeds, grafting

Uses:Many citrus can be eaten fresh or used in cooking. Some are too acidic to eat fresh. Citrus fruits are quite rich in vitamin C and were used by sailors to ward off scurvy. Orange oil is used in many cleaning products.
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