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The breadfruit has the jackfruit and marang as relatives.

The breadfruit is eaten in Polynesia

Photo © Flickr user HenriqueVicente
Latin Name: Artocarpus altilis

Other Names: Breadnut (seeded kind)

Type: Tree

Native to: Malaysia, Indonesia, South Pacific

Fruit: The yellow-green, round fruit is up to 8" in diameter. It is closely related to jackfruit and marang. The fig tree is a distant relative.

Size: The breadfruit tree can be as tall as 90'.

Hardiness: The optimal temperature for growth is between 60-95F. The tree

Propagation: Suckers, root cuttings. The breadfruit is seedless.

Uses: Just before the breadfruit ripens, it can be used as a vegetable. Once it is ripe, it is used in a wide variety of dishes.
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