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Bananas can be anywhere from 2.5-12

The banana tree is the world's largest herb.

Photo © Flickr user Aaron Escobar

Latin Name: Musa spp.

Other Names:Ornamental banana (Ensete spp.). Also see finger bananas and plantains

Type: Herb (World's largest!)

Native to: Indo-Malaysian - Australia.

Fruit: The standard cultivar sold in the United States is the 'Cavendish'. Bananas may range from 2.5" (finger bananas) to 12" (plantains), with an average size of 6-8".

Size: Banana trees can be up to 25' tall.

Hardiness: The edible bananas do best in Zones 9-10. There are ornamental varieties that are cold hardy if you want a tropical look for your temperate garden.

Propagation: Pups (suckers/ plant offshoots)

Uses: Sweet bananas are eaten raw or cooked. Plantains are starchy and should be cooked before eating.
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