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Ackee fruit is said to have a flavor that is a little like eggs and nuts

The ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica

Photo © Flickr user sun dazed
Latin Name: Blighia sapida

Other Names: Akee, vegetable brain

Type: Tree

Native to: Africa

Fruit: The 2-4" fruits are an orange-red. The fruit needs to be ripe before eating or they may cause vomiting - wait until they split open.

It is related to the longan, lychee and rambutan.

Size: The ackee grows 33-40' tall.

Hardiness: Mature trees can survive brief freezing periods.

Propagation: Seeds, budding, and cuttings

Uses: Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica and part of the national dish - "Ackee and Salt Fish". It is said to have a flavor that is a little like eggs and nuts. In Africa, it is used in soups or fried in oil.

In some areas it is used as soap (the ackee is in the Sapindaceae family, which means it contains saponins, a natural detergent.). The strong wood is immune to termites and often used in small lumber projects.

Medicinal uses include treating parasites, dysentary, headache, ulcers, epilepsy, eye infections and for pain relief.
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