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Acerola fruits are 1

Acerola is a good source of Vitamin C

Photo © Flickr user Ana Paula Prada
Latin Name: Malpighia punicifolia

Other Names:Barbados cherry, West Indian cherry, cereza, cerisier, semeruco, wild crapemyrtle

Type: Shrub / Tree

Native to: Central and South America, Caribbean

Fruit: The fruits are 1" and bright red. There can be 1-3 harvests per year, depending on the climate (warmer is better) Each tree will produce 30-60 pounds of fruit.

Height: The acerola grows up to 15'.

Hardiness: Acerola does not do well in the cold. Full grown trees can survive rare freezing periods, but they will lose their leaves.

Propagation: Seeds, cuttings, grafting

Uses: Acerola is often used as a Vitamin C supplement. It is also used in one flavor of Absolut vodka (Absolut Los Angeles) and Tic Tacs. It is tangy and can be sweet or sour.

The acerola tree is also a popular choice for bonsai.
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