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Acai berries and pulp

Acai berries are said to have many health benefits and are full of antioxidants

Photo © Flickr user Marc Boudreau
Latin Name: Euterpe oleracea

Type: Tree

Native to: South America

Fruit: Dark purple 1" berry. The fruit is produced twice yearly, and each tree may have thousands of fruits yearly.

Height: In the wild, the acai palm will grow 40-90'. Cultivated varieties are somewhat shorter, especially if grown in pots. The palm will begin producing fruit once it is about 6' tall.

Hardiness: Acai can be grown outside when the temperatures are above 70F year-round in humid locations. Otherwise, these would work well in a greenhouse.

Propagation: Seeds

Uses: Acai juice and pulp is becoming a popular ingredients in health and diet products. The taste is berry-like with hints of chocolate.
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