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Come along on a whimsical photo journey through the wonderful world of tropical fruits. From açaí to tamarind, there's sure to be a fruit for everyone. Learn their origins, basic growing facts, uses and more!
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The abiu can be found by the AmazonAbiuAcai berries and pulpAcaiAcerola fruits are 1" and bright redAcerolaAckee fruit is said to have a flavor that is a little like eggs and nutsAckee
Bananas can be anywhere from 2.5-12" longBananaBilimbi fruit is too acidic to eat fresh, but is often used in cooking.BilimbiBlack sapote is also called "chocolate pudding fruit" because of its taste and appearanceBlack SapoteBrazilian Cherry is also known as Surinam CherryBrazilian Cherry
The breadfruit has the jackfruit and marang as relatives.Breadfruit Cacao pods can be harvested and the seeds used to make chocolateCacaoThe carambola is used in fruit salads and desserts for its star shapeCarambolaCarob was used to measure the worth of gems and gold in ancient timesCarob
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