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Disease & Pest Management

Now that you've been able to identify the cause of your tree and shrub health problems, take steps to cure it. Learn various types and methods of application. Explore the principle of integrated pest management.

What Is an Invasive Plant?
You probably should not grow an invasive plant. Learn why here.

How Can You Get Rid of Scale on Euonymus?
There are several ways to combat euonymus scale.

Causes and Control of Citrus Greening - Asian Citrus Psyllid
Citrus greening attacks citrus species and their relatives. This disease is carried by the Asian citrus psyllid.

What Is the Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis)?
The emerald ash borer is a major pest for ash trees (genus Fraxinus).

Controlling Spider Mites
Learn about the ways that you can control spider mites in the garden.

Mite Control - Acaricides - How Do You Control Mites in the Garden
Share how you control mites in your garden!

Nematode Control - What Do You Use to Control Nematodes in the Garden
What have you used to successfully control nematodes in your garden?

Surefire Ways to Get Rid Of Beetles
Beetle infestations are very hard to control in trees and shrubs. Learn the ways to get rid of them.

Garden Insect Pest Identification Web Sites
There are so many different insects that can cause problems for your trees and shrubs. Marie Iannotti gives some websites to help you identify these pests.

How to Get Rid of Scale Insects
You may have noticed strange bumps on your trees and shrubs. It could be a parasitic insect called scale. Marie Iannotti, our Gardening Guide, describes these pesky insects and treatments for them.

An Overview of Some Common Organic Garden Pesticides
Do you have an organic garden? Marie Iannotti gives an overview of some pesticides that are organic.

Integrated Pest Management
Have you heard of IPM - Integrated Pest Management? This method strives to find the most economical and environmentally safe methods of combating pests. Check out the principles described by the US EPA.

Why Are Some Trees and Shrubs Quarantined?
Plant problems can be controlled in part by quarantines. Learn why they are used.

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