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Orange Jasmine


Orange jasmine smells like orange blossoms

Orange jasmine smells like orange blossoms

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Filling the air with a sweet smell like orange blossoms, orange jasmine is a welcome addition to any tropical garden. The year-round white flowers are very attractive to bees, and the fruits are favored by birds.

Latin Name:

This is Murraya paniculata.

Common Names:

Orange jasmine, orange jessamine, chalcas

Preferred USDA Hardiness Zones:

Zones 9-11

Size & Shape:

Grows 8-12' tall and is a round shrub.


Plant orange jasmine in full sun or light shade.

Foliage/ Flowers/Fruit:

The leaves are up to 2.75" long, oval, and a glossy green.

The flowers are very fragrant and smell like orange blossoms. Flowering will occur year-round.

The fruit is .5-1" long and red. It is prized by birds.

Design Tips:

Good for attracting bees and birds to the garden.

Orange jasmine can be trained into a small tree.

It can be used as a hedge, which will require pruning often when young since it grows rapidly.

Growing Tips:

Plant in well-drained soil. Make sure it is free of nematodes.

Propagation is through seeds and cuttings.


The orange jasmine grows very quickly while young and may need several prunings to keep its shape.

Pests & Diseases:


  • Soil nematodes
  • Scales
  • Sooty mold
  • Whiteflies

Usually has no problems with diseases.


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