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Several pine trees produce edible pine nuts

The pinyon pine (Pinus edulis) and other pine species produce edible pine nuts.

Photo © Flickr user paul goyette

If you're hungry, plant a tree or shrub with a species name of edulis. As you might have guessed, this means that the plant has parts that are edible. A similar species name is edule.

Examples of trees and shrubs with the species name edulis:

  • Casimiroa edulis (White sapote)
  • Catha edulis (Khat)
  • Inga edulis (Ice cream bean)
  • Lonicera caerulea var. edulis (Honeyberry)
  • Pinus edulis (Pinyon pine)

Trees and shrubs with the species name edule:

  • Dioon edule (Virgin palm)
  • Dracontomelon edule (Lamio)
  • Memecylon edule (Delek air)
  • Pangium edule (Kepayang tree)
  • Viburnum edule (American low-bush cranberry)
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