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Ethel Gloves

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Ethel gloves are a great gift for a gardening friend.

Jubilee pattern from Ethel Gloves

Photo Courtesy of Ethel Gloves

The Bottom Line

Ethel gloves are by far the best pair of gloves I have ever owned.
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  • Stretchy materials
  • Snug fit
  • Fashionable
  • Machine washable


  • Does not come in men's sizes (Men's gloves are offered by their parent company, Mechanix Wear)
  • Not heavy enough to use around seriously thorny plants


  • Comes in women's sizes small, medium and large
  • Several patterns available
  • Durable synthetic materials
  • Two-way stretch Spandex
  • Fingertips are reinforced
  • Rose gauntlets also offered

Guide Review - Ethel Gloves

I am not usually a fan of wearing gardening gloves. I love the feel of soil on my hands. I always felt like it was too difficult to get small weeds when wearing a pair of clunky gloves. I only wore them when I was working around plants with thorns.

That is, until I tried on some Ethel Gloves.

I couldn't believe how well they fit. It felt like they were sculpted just for my hands. The company actually designed them specifically for women. Children's sizes are also available.

If you are ordering online (a good idea since they often have sales!), try to find a local garden center that carries Ethel gloves and try them on so you can order the right size. I would normally think of myself as a size small, but it turned out I needed a medium. If you can't find any, they offer a printable sizing chart on their website.

The palm features simulated leather. It's good for most plants you will handle. If you're working around some particularly thorny roses, for example, you might get poked a bit. (Speaking of roses, they also offer rose gauntlets - the type of gloves that extend up your arm to further protect you).

I like the elastic cuff. With other gloves, it's annoying when I inevitably manage to get dirt inside. That's not a problem with these gloves.

I usually figured it was easier to just wash off my hands than try to mess around with a pair of dirty gloves. It was really simple to clean my Ethel gloves. After brushing off dirt as possible, simply throw them in the washer on cold. When the wash is done, set them on a chair to dry.

The company itself is wonderful too. They answered all my questions quickly and went the extra mile. I hear nothing but positive comments from everyone who has a pair of Ethel gloves.

I never thought I'd sing the praises of a pair of gloves. I know I'll still go gloveless sometimes so I can feel the warm earth in my hands. I might need heavier gloves around thorny plants. Seriously though - Ethel gloves really should be a part of a garden woman's arsenal for everyday use!

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