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What Are Deciduous Conifers? - Trees & Shrubs - About.com
Deciduous conifers are unique trees that sport features of both deciduous and coniferous trees. Learn what characteristics they share here.
Horticulture Definition of Conifer Candle - Trees & Shrubs - About.com
Conifers form new growths called candles on the tips of their branches. They are often a brighter shade than the older needles and will darken as the needles ...
The Major North American Conifers With Descriptions - Forestry
Common North American conifer trees, their ranges, their identifying descriptions and other trees in their associated habitat.
Identification of the Most Common Conifers - Forestry - About.com
Conifers or softwoods are classed as gymnosperms or plants with naked seeds not enclosed in an ovary. These seed "fruits" are considered more primitive than  ...
Study, identify and name the major North American Conifers - Forestry
Western larch (Larix occidentalis), a deciduous conifer, is also called tamarack and western tamarack; less commonly used names are hackmatack, mountain ...
Consider Planting A Conifer - Forestry - About.com
Consider Planting A Conifer In Your Yard. Conifers Recommended for Planting in the Landscape. By Steve Nix. Forestry Expert. Share this. Send to a Friend via ...
What's the Difference Between Evergreens and Conifers?
"Conifer" is an arboricultural term meaning, literally, a cone-bearer (such English words as "refer" and "aquifer" also use the FER Latin root). Trees that fall into ...
American Forests - Classification of Conifer Forests by Forest Region
The temperate conifer forests of the United States contain more than forty important cone-bearing forest tree species. These forests all have members of the ...
Common Conifer Tree Diseases - Prevention and Control - Forestry
I have compiled the most common conifer tree diseases and pathogens found on trees including pine hemlock spruce fir in the yard and forest. You can do a lot ...
Conifer Canker Disease - Prevention and Control
I have compiled the most common conifer tree diseases you might find in yard and forest. You can do a lot to prevent and control conifer tree disease including  ...
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